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You can control the humidity using the mechanical Hygrometer on the dryer units. The Digital display unit displays the current humidity level in % RH. You can set the humidity by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise, clockwise toward red zone represent stronger moisture absorbing estimate reading of humidity level at 30-40%. Green LED light turns brighter and dimmer when knob is turned clockwise/anticlockwise. Red LED shows power is on. Anti-clockwise towards Green Zone represents weaker moisture absorbing, estimated humidity reading at 50-70%. We will recommend to start setting the dial at blue zone for a humidity level of 40 to 55%. Remark: Humidity reading display at each setting point varies depends on sizes and different products stored inside the cabinet as well as ambient temperature where the cabinet is situated.


LED Hygrometer display

Knob control to adjust humidity level to 3 different range

Energy Efficiency

On average the power consumption for our dry cabinet is 7W for 60L and in total it will be approximately 5kWh per month. Based on current rate of power at 24.13 cents per kWh, the monthly power consumption is about $1.20


DB-036X Specs-1

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