About Us

About Us

Digi-Cabi is Singapore’s own home grown brand since 2001. We are the specialist for dry cabinets. Till date, we carry the largest range of cabinets in Singapore, ranging from the smallest 30L to the largest at 1200L, meeting different needs and sizes that you require for your equipment.

Our dry cabinets can be used to store optical products, leather goods, musical instruments, coins, paintings, paper, etc.Our mission is to provide our customers with quality yet affordable and reliable products.

All Digi-Cabi Dry Cabinets comes with a 5-year local warranty.

Ever wonder why choosing our Digi-Cabi is your best choice?
Here's 6 pointers that might convince you so.

1. Lengthen Product Life-Span
2. Reliable Construct
3. Economical Pricing
4. Digital Humidity Controlled (Adjustable)
5. Efficient rate of dehumidifying (10x Faster Than Conventional Dry Boxes)
6. Low Power Consumption

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